Have you ever played the game 4 Pics 1 Word?  Well some of the 4/5/6 Class have and they LOVE it!  4 Pics 1 Word is an app for iDevices and simply put, is a game where you have to try and figure out what each word is using the four picture clues.

4 pics 1 word game

Some of the words are really tricky to work out because they sound the same but can have a different meaning – these are called HOMONYMS!  Mrs Lewis got an idea from another Class Blog – 4KM and 4KJ where they made up their own 4 Pics 1 Word game and decided that our class should try it too!  We used Microsoft Word to create our game page by inserting text boxes, shapes and images.  Can you work out our 4 Pics 1 Word puzzles?  Send us your answers in the comments section and see if you are right!